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Throughout the entire history, bed bugs are in most cases small insects that have the ability to feed off the blood of human beings and many species of  animals. Their body is very “elastic” and by eating their food they can shrink very fast and change their shape. Although most of Saskatoon’s bed bugs cannot fly their skinny body is capable to move itself rapidly, from one place to another and within seconds you can find they all over your home crawling in your living room or bathroom.

Breeding Fast, But We Can Help!

In many services which we have provided in the past, we noticed that bed bugs are “hard to get” animals in terms of control them, because they breed very fast and an average female can lay more than 1000 eggs in her pregnancy. The biggest problem is that those critters have become a serious threat in the city of Saskatoon for both home and business owners. If you live in the area, and you  sicked and tired of  these parasites you can contact Total Control SK and we know how to eliminate them for a long term. We consider them as a public health risk due to the problems that they cause in the short or long “visit” in your environment.

What Is Our Anti-Bed Bugs Solution In Saskatoon?

Here You Can Find A Short List Of Services We Offer
  • Elimination for both commercial and residential properties.
  • Finding your bed bugs location and by vacuuming we can remove them.
  • We will treat any cracks in your home furniture as well as other crevices.
  • We will repeat on treatment twice in order to ensure 100 success.
  • We will use our green non-toxic products and treat in every wall in the property.
  • We will check ourselves several times before we leave and think what we can do prevent any bed bug to come back.

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Bed bugs are unwanted animals and keeping they away as soon as possible is a smart step to do, however as long our exterminators are servicing the Saskatoon area, you can rest assured that we know how keep them out. Protection, detection and elimination these are the steps which our team is ready for, and get rid of your bed bugs is our expertise. You don’t have to leave with them, within one treatment we can promise you peace of mind for a long term. Call us today and meet with one of our exterminators anywhere in Saskatoon.